Practical, immediate communication is the primary function of a pictogram. It has abstraction, standards and system. Illustration, on the other hand, may have details and more personalized style. With this in mind, students have graphically depicted 6 subjects including 2 ANGELS (what resembles the GOOD), 2 DEMONS (what resembles the BAD) and 2 of THEMSELVES (what resembles THEM) as pictographs and illustration. Then added typography to their designs.

Ahmet Utku Yazici  
Gorkem Otman  

Ezgi Altunkaynak  

Ela Batur  
Oyku Unaldi  
Reha Dogan  
Saruhan Sarsmaz  
Utku Kurt  
Anastasija Gogoleva  
Antri Evripidou  
Mareks Steins  
Oguz Arikan