Photography Series

by Dağhan Celayir & Nazlı Eda Noyan

2007 Bundanon, Australia

A striking contrast.

A different country and continent.

The opposite site of the globe;

morning versus the night,

the start of spring instead of the end of summer.

Countryside but not the city,

silence instead of the continuous loud noises.

The feeling of loneliness and peace instead of the crowds and chaos.

A grand piano in a small cottage,

a Japanese movie in an Arabic airline,

A door with no keys.

Two young Turks in Bundanon , Australia .

the only thing that remains is your soul
your warm breath is not enough
are you strong?
they're speaking a language that you don't understand
you try so hard but still you cannot
it's impossible when it seems possible
some things are hard to swallow
the only thing that will push you further is within
this land can go on without you
so many things to reorder in your mind
descriptions can be deceptive
do you expect them to understand you?
opportunity may come with an unexpected result
your possesions may appear stranger than yourself
is it really the same everywhere?