VCD3121 Computer Aided Graphic Design is a studio course where historical and present issues in graphic design are studied to improve students’ ability to design through expending their practical knowledge in research & analysis and visual awareness. In order to pursuit the objectives of this course, it’s necessary for students to enrich their visual vocabulary by exploring different historical styles (primitive or tribal art; Japanese art; medieval, baroque art; art nouveau, Russian constructivism; art deco, etc.), to be able to draw a synthesis to the given design problem (stationary, packaging, menu, book cover, poster, etc.) by combining the historical styles with a contemporary and critical approach. It’s also expected from the students to have a professional approach in executing and presenting their design solutions with the use of various media and computer technology.

site credits: Burak Gölge, Alican Deha Erkılıç, Gülcan Uysal (photographs), Nazlı Eda Noyan (design)