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This site involves parts of the MFA thesis "Representing Romance: An Investigation of Design and Signification in the Posters of Turkish Melodrama 1965-1975" by Nazli Eda Noyan at Bilkent University Graphic Design Department, Ankara, Turkey, May 1998. Please give reference if you cite. copyright 1998 nazli eda noyan
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Besides all the messages or meanings associated with the poster design of Turkish melodrama, there is a great number of memories living bound to these posters in the mind and in the hearts of the audience. Leaving aside the negative characteristics caused by the conditions of time, Turkish melodrama posters are the results of a certain amount of labour that causes the most unforgettable moments of these movies to freeze in time. These posters resemble the fantasised conflicts within the society though they are in fact the synthesis of the realities of Turkey.