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Movie poster is the essence of the film rendered in a single image by graphic means. It's the most tangible evidence of "owning" a film, a condensed novel, "an attempt to visualise a visual text" (Sayar 44). Or it may be defined as a commercial instrument which mainly reflects the financial expectation that the distributor places in the film and also "what 'one' regards as an effective appeal to the test of the masses" (Hanssman 24).

Cinema like other entertainment forms is one of the important parts of our social and cultural life and relies on the participation of the audience for its existence and continuity just like the movie poster, which is in an inevitable relation with cinema, and the audience. In other words cinema and movie poster have the most powerful potential of establishing the ethos and mythology of people, and both assume an audience on the premises of a cultural context within which they are produced. So a movie poster contributing to mass communication through designed visual means contains a lot of information about film industry, evolution of design, craftsmanship, and the taste of the artists and society as well as standing for a strong evidence of its time. Observing a movie poster design that includes a representation of a representation and graphic means of image and text about a film is a way of understanding that film, the film industry, and society from a different angle.

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