gulcin animasyon

"The most obvious borders are sometimes not the visible ones, but the hidden."


Synopsis: In a village, near the Turkey- Syrian border, there lives a girl called Gülçin, named after flowers. While loving her hometown that is right next to an area with landmines, Gülçin tries to figure out the meaning of the concept border. In this beautiful piece of land Gülçin learns the borders are not drawn by only the pieces of nature such as rivers, mountains, bushes or distances but at the same time they are defined by walls and what is hidden underneath the ground. Gülçin tells us her story without her legs, lost to landmines, but with her own style woven on a carpet in her own loom.



2015, Roshd International Educational Film Festival, Tehran- Iran, Red Cross Special Jury Award


Selected Screenings:

2015, Roshd International Educational Film Festival, Tehran, Iran

2015, 10th World Animation Day Háromszék, Sepsiszentgyörgy, Romanya

2014, Human District Film Festival, Belgrade, Serbia

2014, 2nd Canlandiranlar Animators Festival, Istanbul

2014, 17th Flying Broom International Women’s Film Festival, Ankara

2013, 5th Which Human Rights Film Festival, Istanbul,Turkey. Official Selection.

2013, Bogoshorts 11th Bogota Short Film Festival , Kolombiya

2013, Izmir Short Film Festival Finalist, Izmir

2013, Adana Golden Boll Film Festival Finalist, Adana

2013, 1st Canlandiranlar Animators Festival, Istanbul, Ankara

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